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Ultra Whey Protien Musscle Mass Gainer New & Improved formula, whey protein concentrate & whey protein isolate, 21 grams of blend protein per serving, low fat, loaded with branched chain amino acids

Muscle Mass Gainer Musscle Mass GainerBest tasting muscle gainer guaranteed, high quality whey protein, 69 grams of carbohydrate, 28 grams of isolate whey protein, low fat


Xtreme Mass Gainer Musscle Mass GainerScientifically proven massive gain in size & strength, packs on muscle and strength, biomedically engineered growth inducing matrix, a complete healthy weight gain formula, 58 grams of carbohydrate, 25 grams of protein.
Musscle Mass Gainer30 grams of blend protein, 61 grams of energy fueling carbohydrates, the most advanced weight gaining formula high in bcaa’s, fortified with essential vitamins & minerals.

Xtreme Creatigene - Pure

Creatigene Monohydrate is guaranteed to be the highest in quality, purity and safety. Muscle power output during high intensity exercise or workout, Increase stamina and power to help lean body mass, for high performance, strength & energy.

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About NRI Folrmulations

NRI Formulation has been exporting nutritional supplementation products for years now. Based mainly in Mumbai, NRI Formulation team has now entered into Delhi scenario to offer a scientifically engineered nutritional supplement for fitness enthusiasts and competitive sports persons. NRI Formulation brings you fabulous products which are meant to be of use for those people who wish to power their bodies beyond the biologically designed limits of humankind.


Our mission is to bring you quality products at the most competitive prices in order to give you maximum benefits. With NRI Formulation, athletes as well as fitness enthusiasts find it easier to meet their physique goals apart from living an energetic lifestyle.

NRI Formulation provides you with exactly what you need to help increase your energy levels and strength, be it for sports or for a regular fitness regime .

NRI Formulation can be used for:

• Enhancing the development of lean muscle
• Help trim down body fat
• Improving recovery
• Supporting training and nutrition goalsi.

NRI Formulation works best for:

• Professional bodybuilders who desire to build size and lean mass
• Weight lifters and athletes who want powerful and muscular body
• Performers who require strong and lean muscles for an impressive performance
• Any fitness enthusiast who wants a appealing physiquei.